2018 Shortlist and Winners

2018 Shortlist and Winners

2018 Shortlist and Winners

Thames Discovery Programme, Museum of London Archaeology
This project encouraged and facilitated public participation in the dynamic archaeology of the River Thames inter-tidal zone.

National Trust Archaeology at Knole, Sevenoaks, Kent
This ambitious archaeological project aims to record and analyse parts of the property impacted by the
current work programme, to engage staff, visitors and volunteers and to disseminate the results through a wide variety of different methods.

CITiZAN (Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network)
Museum of London Archaeology/Council for British Archaeology/Nautical Archaeology Society
One of the largest ‘citizen science’ archaeology projects in the UK, developed to record vulnerable sites in
detail and/or to regularly monitor their fat e over the longer term.

The SCAPE Trust/Scotland’s Coastal Heritage at Risk Project – Newshot Island Boat Graveyard
Providing an opportunity for learning and involvement for the local community, this project created a
detailed and comprehensive record of the history of the vessels and their condition and publicised the
results through the SCHARP network.
360 Production for BBC4 Digging for Britain Series 6 – EAST
The series provides an accessible platform for the publicity of new archaeological research and this episode features five archaeological digs, which took place in the east of Britain in 2017 and puts
some of the latest discoveries from these digs into context.

London Mithraeum Bloomberg SPACE
A new reconstruction of the Roman Temple of Mithras which was discovered on the site in 1952-4 this is
one of Britain’s most significant archaeological discoveries and has received over 35,000 visitors (to
March 2018).

Wemyss Caves 4D
Save the Wemyss Ancient Caves Society/The SCAPE Trust
A collaborative digital documentation and interpretation project, this introduces a worldwide audience to, and creates a digital future for, the Wemyss Caves and MacDuff’s Castle in Fife, Scotland.

Lost Lives, New Voices: Unlocking the Story of the Scottish Soldiers in 1650
Richard Annis, Anwen Caffell, Christopher Gerrard, Pam Graves and Andrew Millard, Oxbow Books
Presenting the results of an archaeological investigation that took place during redevelopment work in the historic core of Durham. It tells the story of a chain of tragic events that took place in the aftermath of the battle of Dunbar, 1650.

The Archaeology of Dun Deardail
Forestry Commission Scotland/Nevis Landscape Partnership Matthew Ritchie
Presenting a popular account of the excavation, it sets the site in its wider archaeological and historical
context and explores both the results of the excavation and the various creative responses to it.

The Small Isles
John Hunter and Historic Environment Scotland
Bringing together years of archaeological research in a comprehensive, beautiful and accessible book, and revealing new insights into life on the islands.

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We have every reason to be optimistic says Carenza Lewis our compère for the awards this evening
Well done everyone. You are all amazing!
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